uTorrent Plus

uTorrent Plus 3.1

Protect your PC against viruses in torrents and more


  • Integrated virus protection
  • Includes media player with support for HD video


  • Only a few extra features from the free version


uTorrent Plus is the premium version of uTorrent, with added features and protection.

If you're using a BitTorrent client, you're going to want to ensure your PC is adequately protected against viruses that might be included in torrents.

uTorrent Plus gives users a few added perks above and beyond the basic uTorrent program. In addition to maintaining all the standard features in uTorrent 3, uTorrent Plus includes a number of unique features, notably integrated antivirus protection. This feature analyzes the incoming torrent and prevents malware infections before they can become an issue on your PC.

uTorrent Plus also includes a video format converter that comes with the ability to move files easily from device to device, as well as a great media player.

uTorrent Plus is a nice way to offer added protection and a few extra features to your uTorrent experience.

uTorrent Plus


uTorrent Plus 3.1

User reviews about uTorrent Plus

  • Satyajit Mandal

    by Satyajit Mandal

    i want to download this software,but unsucess full,continue result 0,u torrent importent for me..   More

  • by Anonymous

    Software acts like a bête or alpha version..
    Full of bugs, I've lived with it for two weeks and it has only tran...   More

  • by Anonymous

    awesome software and now app too... :).
    very very good software can download everything love this software!!!!More